Metal Core PCB means the core (base) material for PCB is the metal, not the normal FR4/CEM1-3, etc. Currently the most common metal used for MCPCB manufacturer are Aluminum and Copper. Aluminum has good heat transferring and dissipation ability, but yet relatively cheaper; copper has even better performance but relatively more expensive.Aluminum is the most economic option considering thermal conductivity, rigidness, and cost. Therefore, the base/core material of normal Metal Core PCB are made of aluminum. People will choose their own base/core material according to their different application. Metal Core in printed circuit boards, reduced to MCPCB, are made with a top metal core used to dissolve heat during the components of the board, efficiently lower the middle temperature of high heat appliances. Metal cores PCB have been used generally today in lots of industries, in particular for LED products.

Advantage of MCPCB

Heat dissipation.

Thermal conductivity.

Thermal expansion.

Dimensional stability.