By Quality we mean commitment towards customer satisfaction with consistent in providing quality material at competitive cost through continual improvement. We utilize high quality imported materials, modern manufacturing processes, experienced managers, skilled personnel and imported capital equipment to produce the highest quality boards at the lowest possible costs. We electronically test all the PCBs during the manufacturing stage. We manufacture PCBs which adhere to strict quality standards as per customer needs. We welcome customers visits to our facilities – meet our team and audit our procedures.



On-time delivery is essential for our company reputation and customer satisfaction. We continuously strive to improve our ability to get our PCBs to customers on time. Even as our daily shipments have increased tremendously over the past few years, we have maintained high on-time delivery procedures. We understand that today’s electronic manufacturers need high quality boards delivered quickly and consistently on-time. The best confirmation of their satisfaction are their repeated orders every month.


Gyan Cirkitronics Pvt. Ltd. is a service oriented company with quick and complete responses to enquiries, easy access to senior management and a history of maintaining deep and long term relationships with our customers. Each order is treated with adequate support & dedication by our planning & technical team as per requirement & time schedule.


Cost is an important factor which attracts customers apart from other key strength of the company. We at Gyan Cirkitronics Pvt. Ltd. strive to manufacture & produce PCB’s at most economical cost  with in house facilities from designing to delivery stage.